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About Our Company

Group of companies UGRAIN has more than 8 years of experience in production, processing and trading of agricultural products.

During these years we gained an invaluable experience and business contacts within regional and international companies, and became an active participant in international sales.

During last years we concentrated on trade and shipment of grain and processed products in containers – both bulk and packed.

Our group of companies includes processing facilities for production of wheat flour and wheat brans from soft wheat; production of yellow split peas; grain stock for storage and loading of containers.

15+ countries

Geography of export covers more than 15 countries mostly from Asia and Africa.

250,000 tons

Every year UGRAIN delivers more than 250 000 metric tons of grain from Ukraine to the World.

Our Strength

Deliver from the farms directly to final buyer


Operate optimized supply chain


Vast experience in grain supply for


Flexible client-oriented approach


UGRAIN originated as a regional trader of wheat, yellow corn and barley


UGRAIN trades grain on CPT Black Sea ports basis (in Ukraine – Odessa, Nikolaev).


UGRAIN concentrates on containers’ shipments to direct clients abroad.


UGRAIN exported first containers of wheat flour.


UGRAIN operates a facility for grain storage and containers loading, wheat flour mill and peas processing factory.

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